Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rainy Daze

Its raining in Boston..rainy weather is only good for a few things, practicing making babies, keeping plant life alive, and doing music. I'd like to be doing the 1st one...but the latter is whats poppin off instead.
So last night I went to my homie Miguel Sucio's crib. He is one of 2 people I know that can smoke all day (the strongest) like Cheech and Chong. I mean from morning til night.The other is Uncle Percy..a real veteran.
Anyway over the years the Dirty one has collected alot of music I have done (shit I dont even have) from old beats (I will post later) to mixes and pics.
He played me this mix that he said I made for him ...prolly in 2004. I dont remember doing it. Listen to the intro and you can tell why. Theres some quality shit on this..Rick James, Puba, KMD, Gary Bartz, Newban..etc ( why did I put summer madness in the beginning ?) It dont really matter anyway, cuz I never get tired of such bedtime magic everytime.


Chris said...

what up kon..

eli put up a link to your blog (good lookin eli) and im glad he did.. i am such a huge fan of you and amir, you guys should prob be paying me some sort of fee for all the promotion i give you.. haha just playin..

just wanted to give props to you.. keep the blog thing going, and of course the on and off track vol's..

i ran into amir earlier this year in front of my office and told him the same..


Anonymous said...

great mix..i like this very much!
could you put any kind of playlist?

Winterswan said...

Hope ya post some more soon. I just stumbled over your blog and thinks it's cool that you're getting to live your dream and pump some real music out into this mostly mainstream world. Thanks for introducing me to Gil Scott-Heron-awesome shit that I definitely would not find out about on the radio. I like people who have been "through it" also; they seem to be more true. I may be a white girl from Boston, baby, but this girl can dance! Keep doin' what you do, Peace.