Monday, July 23, 2007


I was gonna write some in depth rant about how I cant stand the radio, and the state of r&b, and rap music...cuz we all know hip hop is dead right ? So heres my grumpy (thanks Eli!) kondensed version. Its all about ringtones and people that cant really sing, so they put their voice through a computer to digitize the pitch. If people are actually listening to these records, what is the message ? Surely its not love...its cheating, fucking your boys girl, killing 763 dudes in your hood, sitting on some rims, selling coke, making $$$, and maybe rocking some ice. Since music is a reflection of the times and society. Im all set.

Instead Im gonna bump some timeless, Gil Scott Heron. Dispite his troubled personal life...which to me actually makes him human. He has made some of the deepest music over the last 30 years. Are there any artists like this out today ?


Unknown said...

Michael Franti could easily be considered the "Gil-Scott" of today's artists (political, smart, outspoken, soulful, etc..)

Phill Most AKA THE SOULMAN said...

tell 'em, Kon!

Brant Lee said...

gil's the shit. I agree with you completely Kon. I act uctually have an entire blog dedicated to music with a message. Come check me....

¿RevoluciĆ³n, No?

oh...when are you playing again? I'm in nyc, dj 3-5 nights a week (Socialista, La Esquina, Beatrice Inn, The Box, 205, etc...) I do get nights off though, so let me know, I'll come through.