Friday, July 27, 2007


Heres another mix I did a while back, I brought a few of these on cd to Europe..sold some, gave some away.
Joints from groups like, Visions of Tomorrow, Grandmaster Lover, Thunderbolt, Hi Fidelity, an exclusive mix of Family of Eves I wanna be loved by from the masters ! Check it out, plenty of treats on this one.
The pic was from Bus Palladium in Paris, I didnt play any Disco (the Disco ball is in full e.f.f.e.c.t. tho!)...I ran alllloooot of hip hop that night, Amir played some funk but heads were not to open off that... As you can see from the pic I still turned it out.


1. Bernard Wright/ Chillin out
2. Sunfire/Step In the Light
3. Leprechaun/ Loc it up
4. Family Of Eve/ I Wanna Be Loved By You ( TOM NOBLE EDIT)
5. Visions Of Tomorrow/ Galaxy
6. Omar/ Grandmaster Lover
7. Jeff Phelps/ On The Corner
8. Thunderbolt/ Loves so funny (inst)
9. Jorge Santana/ Darling I Love You
10. Le Stim/ Muhammad Ali
11. Disco Police/ Movin ( TOM NOBLE EDIT)
12. Brainstorm/ Lovin Is Really My Game pt.2
13. Hi Fidelity/ Magic Carpet Ride
14. Serenade/ Maybe This Time

Monday, July 23, 2007


I was gonna write some in depth rant about how I cant stand the radio, and the state of r&b, and rap music...cuz we all know hip hop is dead right ? So heres my grumpy (thanks Eli!) kondensed version. Its all about ringtones and people that cant really sing, so they put their voice through a computer to digitize the pitch. If people are actually listening to these records, what is the message ? Surely its not love...its cheating, fucking your boys girl, killing 763 dudes in your hood, sitting on some rims, selling coke, making $$$, and maybe rocking some ice. Since music is a reflection of the times and society. Im all set.

Instead Im gonna bump some timeless, Gil Scott Heron. Dispite his troubled personal life...which to me actually makes him human. He has made some of the deepest music over the last 30 years. Are there any artists like this out today ?

Friday, July 20, 2007


Heres 2 songs from a 12" Amir and I put out a while back. Those who picked these 12"s up (there were a few) will notice some of them were pressed shitty.This release however sounded good.

This one is off of a 45 on the greenback label. I cut out most of the vocals and just let the beat rock.

Burton Inc, L.A. will make you pay. How fitting for a title, cuz this lp is not cheap. Be warned..its a 2 tracker in my opinion. Indie disco here to the fullest. Killer, killer unique, african rhythms, latin, jazz, and disco all combined together. The lyrics are the shit.. This track is not edited, I couldnt grab the parts cuz the vocals are in the way..I'd love to have the masters for this lp.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rainy Daze

Its raining in Boston..rainy weather is only good for a few things, practicing making babies, keeping plant life alive, and doing music. I'd like to be doing the 1st one...but the latter is whats poppin off instead.
So last night I went to my homie Miguel Sucio's crib. He is one of 2 people I know that can smoke all day (the strongest) like Cheech and Chong. I mean from morning til night.The other is Uncle Percy..a real veteran.
Anyway over the years the Dirty one has collected alot of music I have done (shit I dont even have) from old beats (I will post later) to mixes and pics.
He played me this mix that he said I made for him ...prolly in 2004. I dont remember doing it. Listen to the intro and you can tell why. Theres some quality shit on this..Rick James, Puba, KMD, Gary Bartz, Newban..etc ( why did I put summer madness in the beginning ?) It dont really matter anyway, cuz I never get tired of such bedtime magic everytime.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Its mid July, about now is when I usually think the cold ass winter that I want nothing to do with any more.
So to help keep my mind right I make mixes like this, some feel good shit. Some may have heard this before cuz I put it together almost 2 years ago.BBE had asked me to do something for radio/press and this was the result.

Im doing laundry and its like 200 degrees is my kitchen...Im going back to my air conditioned room.I cant be bothered with a tracklisting for now but groups like SWEET TALKS,THIRD RAIL,C-BRAND, ONE WAY, BAND WHO FELL TO EARTH, are on this joint...speaking of joints,its about that time.

The mix has been fixed! KONSLIGHT1UPMIX


Monday, July 16, 2007


INMYLIFE first post, I am lo-tech with this shit so forgive me. I cant figure out how to get a pic in my header just wont load...even my my man dj eli escobar the blogging superstar had trouble...anyway i will get the hang of it.

After a few years of speaking via the phone, and emails...while in San Fran, I finally got a chance to meet the man behind the music.Matt is a cool ass dude,a true class act and a former p.i.m.p. who likes to surf and play music when ever he gets the chance. The 1st time I heard "In my life" I was floored, I wanted to know who this man was singing/writing and playing...and where the fuck did they get the idea to put a break in the middle of the jam ? I comped it for the joint amir and I put out on BBE records which can be found here KONANDAMIR He has another lp/ep which he told me he hated , but I love titled "Matt The Cat". Heat rocks on that for sho...I think it was sampled recently too. He also has another 45 from 1980 which he sent me..only 20 were pressed, again another heater. Let me score some films, cuz this is the type of music that needs to be in movies. Look for another song titled "heaven" out soon on BBE records, from the Kon and Amir series 'Off Track".