Friday, July 27, 2007


Heres another mix I did a while back, I brought a few of these on cd to Europe..sold some, gave some away.
Joints from groups like, Visions of Tomorrow, Grandmaster Lover, Thunderbolt, Hi Fidelity, an exclusive mix of Family of Eves I wanna be loved by from the masters ! Check it out, plenty of treats on this one.
The pic was from Bus Palladium in Paris, I didnt play any Disco (the Disco ball is in full e.f.f.e.c.t. tho!)...I ran alllloooot of hip hop that night, Amir played some funk but heads were not to open off that... As you can see from the pic I still turned it out.


1. Bernard Wright/ Chillin out
2. Sunfire/Step In the Light
3. Leprechaun/ Loc it up
4. Family Of Eve/ I Wanna Be Loved By You ( TOM NOBLE EDIT)
5. Visions Of Tomorrow/ Galaxy
6. Omar/ Grandmaster Lover
7. Jeff Phelps/ On The Corner
8. Thunderbolt/ Loves so funny (inst)
9. Jorge Santana/ Darling I Love You
10. Le Stim/ Muhammad Ali
11. Disco Police/ Movin ( TOM NOBLE EDIT)
12. Brainstorm/ Lovin Is Really My Game pt.2
13. Hi Fidelity/ Magic Carpet Ride
14. Serenade/ Maybe This Time


KLUES said...

Refreshing with a twist of lime on the rocks , gonna rock this today while doing my Sunday shit..

Tom said...

funny to hear that mix of FOE. damn that shit needs work. i like how unfinished it sounds in your mix. the new bass part is pitchy??? gotta work on that.

yo- just started a new blog:

check it mang

Tom said...

sorry i just realized i fuggin misspelled the name.

it is now vinyl altruism @

more direct...

LICHIBAN said...

daaamn,another dope mix! (though as i'm listening, i'm starting to suspect that i already have this, haha)...anyway, it's a perfect soundtrack for blazing away during the summer holiday. thanks!

Herr Stolke said...

thanks for the flavor!
sometimes, some tunes
sometimes, just prunes

Anonymous said...

Can I get more info on the Omar - Grandmaster Lover track? LP? 45? Label? Please let me know... hoootttt doogggg!

Can anyone help?

Woimsah said...

You are gay. Stop being so gay.

dj white label said...

whatup kon, that's a hot mix right there. check out my new audio blog if you get a chance:

got some mixes up there and just posted some kiss mastermix vinyl rips. take it easy.

Anonymous said...

Mad respect, sir.

I dj house music, afrobeat, soul kitchen, disco and breakbeats.

You have put me up on a lot of stuff, and I have used some of that knowledge to make house-break edits and tracks.

You have infinite styles my friend...


HJW said...

youre making my life better! thanks!

peace from Norway+Sweden!

Anonymous said...

nice. made my day. best from p-town.

Djalma said...

Man, your mixtapes are the main reason I started diggin'!!! Respect 4 Life!!! Peace...


Anonymous said...

Super nice mix

Anonymous said...


and with the exception of the Bernard Wright joint...ALL EXTREMELY RARE...

Nice vibe on this mix...keep em' coming!


japeye said...

doood... you had a bbe radio mix up your blog with no tracklisting and its absolutely smoking. are you putting it back up???

Anonymous said...

Please, do us a favor and re-up this one when you find the time.