Thursday, June 26, 2008

BARELY BREAKING EVEN the new volume of OFF TRACK is out now in the U.S..and has been out in Japan and Europe for a few weeks.  Volume 2 is 2 discs, my side is all uptempo disco , with lots of edits and for the most part unearthed jams. I think it has a warm vibe ripe for the summer..a recurring theme around here if  you couldnt tell.
 Amirs side is all African joints.. ranging from funk, to disco. All quite rare and tasty.
I mixed both my side and Amirs side live. I feel it represents what your gonna hear me sounding like in the club. So please, if you love old music thats new and fresh..cop this! 
The cd is mixed, and the vinyl is a triple pack containing edits and jams that are NOT on the cd!!!
 Also theres a promo 45 with 2 jams that are only available on the 45.
Available on itunes, dustygroove, amazon and where ever else you can think of.
Check it out here at BBE

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yessss! Its been too long. I love when it gets real hot. I wish it lasted as long as our winters do here on the north east coast. It was like 98 degrees (35 celcius) today with the sun shining and around my way, lots of fire hydrants were open and all the kids were cooling off. Summer time is allllll about coolin' out, bbqs, jams pumping and just making the most of it. So to celebrate all this warmth..heres another edit. This was done a while back, and recently I heard another edit somebody else had done of it. You know the ol' sayin'...if you cant say anything nice...? 
Well I thought I'd share my version of it. 

People..people.. I know I dont update my blog as much as I should but..when you download, feedback is always appreciated... Thanks to all who have hit me up.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Heres an edit I whipped up very quickly. Perfect for the upcoming warm summer weather. 
 The og has alot of bad parts. I stretched it waaaaayyyy out. I love this groove, its so moody. I like to keep most of my edits very simple, and organic. Not that I dont like fx and filters, but then its no longer an it ? At that point I'd want to add drums and 808 which would make it more of a new disco/ house track. As my homie Al Kent would say "BOOM CHI BOOM". Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pretty Purdie

I got to play with one of my heros...the one and only Bernard Pretty Purdie. Since I started drumming at age 4 ( i had to stop when I was 10) Its only natural that I'd be so amped on this event. We had dinner and my man is super cool...i dont really get starstruck , but i was eating with a LEGEND ! I asked him so many questions, that had him thinking about sessions he'd seemed almost to have forgot.
Redbull put it together..shouts to COPPO! and there was no rehearsal at all..this was all off the head.The set up was a bit shakey..and im not a scratch nerd so it is what it is. I had multis for some well known tracks and did passes with out any drums, so Purdie could rock over them..this is what happened that night. Oh yea..I shamelessly rocked a kon & amir t shirt.
Heres some video