Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yeeeaaaa....thats right TORONTO. I had not posted anything about this gig for the simple fact that I really had no pics, or any of the audio that was recorded that night. So, now I got the audio to share with y'all. It was a great night, the bboys out there are also down with my fam from Boston, legendary Floor Lords. Shouts to all the heads that rolled to this show, danced and got loose. Shouts to the Heavyweight crew for having us...a lovely time was had, hope to come back out again.
Heres both my set and in the mix.

I"ve been out of town..Ill blog that soon enough...catch yall soon

Monday, July 14, 2008


Last week I spun at apt. in NYC. I have spun there many times, always back to when Bobbito Garcia first started doing his party..when the turntables were still on the bar. After that Amir and I have rocked with Chairman Mao, and Big Rich Medina.
So Sal (LIQUID LIQUID) hit me up and wanted me to rock upstairs on wed. Turns out aside from the soundsystem, I prefer the room upstairs..its much more open and the back deck (weed heads) is dope for the summer.
Basically I have never seen that room as thick as it was when I rocked...lots of fly females dancing and the fellas were really getting loose. From jams like Midas Touch to Eric Burdon & WAR's spill the wine. The highlight of the night had to be when JUJU (BEATNUTS) was dancing to what is in my opinion, one of the classiest, illest, indie disco 12"s ever made (micro wave boogie) JuJu then tells me its his 12 year old daughters favorite record...guess thats what happens when you got a funky ass dad. Later in the night Jeru dropped by and I proceeded to run Beatnuts classics and one of my fav Jeru versus ever ( im the man). Pop Master Fable (RSC) was also in the house...Sorry I made you late...and yes it was for a good cause ! the poppers were getting down to D-train and countless other classics.
All in all I'd say this was the most fun I've had spinning know when you have those nights when your just on fire ? That was one of'em. Oh yea...sorry to homeboy who wanted to hear Jay-z "Allow me to re-introduce myself" ( in his own words) cuz he's a "dancer". Isnt that jam a bit slow for dancing ?
Heres the og yellow Skip Jackson Micro wave Boogie 12"...and I saved my set from that night as well.

click on the pics to enlarge

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I just got back from NYC and spun at APT as well as LOVE. I will blog that later this week..I saved sets from both nights.
I stumbled upon a new video of last years BBE 11.5 party that was at canvas in London.
For those who went you know it was craaazzzy...this years should be just as good.
Something for everybody at these parties..every room had such amazing energy.
I will be spininng as well as Amir this September.
My man Al Kent will be spinning this year as well as...and I always enjoy his sets.
Disco heads already know..We dont sittin' down in here.
See for yourself.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Yup...we are spinning at LOVE in NYC Thursday July 10th.
I have yet to spin at this venue, from what I hear the soundsystem is incredible.
Expect lots of disco and deepness. Im sure Amir will be dropping some latin fire...Looks like a promising night.
Interested in hearing Mike Simonetti's set. Shouts to JOE RO for hooking it up.
Hope to see some NYC heads in the house.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


XlR8R hit us up, and wanted to do a video on us looking for records.
So we thought, why not? They even gave us a budget to buy the vinyl!
Check it