Friday, July 20, 2007


Heres 2 songs from a 12" Amir and I put out a while back. Those who picked these 12"s up (there were a few) will notice some of them were pressed shitty.This release however sounded good.

This one is off of a 45 on the greenback label. I cut out most of the vocals and just let the beat rock.

Burton Inc, L.A. will make you pay. How fitting for a title, cuz this lp is not cheap. Be warned..its a 2 tracker in my opinion. Indie disco here to the fullest. Killer, killer unique, african rhythms, latin, jazz, and disco all combined together. The lyrics are the shit.. This track is not edited, I couldnt grab the parts cuz the vocals are in the way..I'd love to have the masters for this lp.


Anonymous said...

thanks! 200 DL and no one has said shit!

DJ HOFF said...

What up Kon!

Tom said...

"beware burton inc is a 2 tracker"

maybe one or two more songs on this lp are working. i personally would feel naked without this record in my collection.

boe said...

thank you very much wicked wicked wicked trax!

Anonymous said...

Kon, please may we get a re-up of the firebolts edit? thanks.

Sall said...

Could you reupload both mp3's ? Would love to hear them.