Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pretty Purdie

I got to play with one of my heros...the one and only Bernard Pretty Purdie. Since I started drumming at age 4 ( i had to stop when I was 10) Its only natural that I'd be so amped on this event. We had dinner and my man is super cool...i dont really get starstruck , but i was eating with a LEGEND ! I asked him so many questions, that had him thinking about sessions he'd seemed almost to have forgot.
Redbull put it together..shouts to COPPO! and there was no rehearsal at all..this was all off the head.The set up was a bit shakey..and im not a scratch nerd so it is what it is. I had multis for some well known tracks and did passes with out any drums, so Purdie could rock over them..this is what happened that night. Oh yea..I shamelessly rocked a kon & amir t shirt.
Heres some video



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great mix as usual! (catch the beat). i hope to see you one day in belgium. ragrading this mix, is the Pierce Brothers edit available on vinyl? i did a research but can't track it...