Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I've yet to do a post on my Saturday residency at Middlesex here in Cambridge. Those not from the Boston area...its basically like going from Manhattan to Brooklyn. If you want top 40 radio garbage from today, head to any club in downtown Boston.
If your looking for an alternative you go to Cambridge.
I've been doing this party for almost 5 years, and its usually a good time...minus the line that wraps around the block.
A while back I had Kenny Dope come out to rock a special 45 set...with no promotion at all, ended up being over capacity.
A night to remember...Dopeman tore it down.

Funny that in my own hometown I barely get any love, or notice from our local rags ( stuff at night, improper etc) for this sat night !
Not that I dont get love from promoters/ djs in the Bean and Internationally but... I am like...the Grampa out this biiyyatch..almost 19 years kicking ass in clubs here in Boston.

Shouts to 7L, Braun Johnson ( BLADERUNNERS ) Frank White, Lazee Boy, Ms.Thang, Gucci Vuitton, Rick Rude, Dj Bruno, Kc, Supreme 1, SoulClap, Knife & Tommee, Incognito,Pete at Goodlife, Bradford James, Edgard....and the rest of yall putting in work.

Usually a Sat night crowd consists of your core followers who know how you get down, and your sidewalk crowd....
I take no requests, and you will not here anything from anybody with "young" or "lil" in their name. Deal. You'll live.

Early evening shot...


Pix of some of my set from 2 weeks ago

Oh yea...I just did a show with LARGE PRO last sat...had alot of fun, I will post vid footage and a recap soon.


DCtoBC.com said...


so this is gonna sound really strange. but i was in vegas, and i strolled into the stussy store (clothing, one of my favorite brands). i heard an ILL mixtape, and me being from outta town, i figured i'd politely ask what was in rotation. so the dude behind the counter, neek, told me it was kon & amir, and that i should find you guys online. so here i am.

after doing research, and talking to my homie ashley about y'all, i found out that you do your residency in the bean. i'm a BC student from DC, and i haven't found a ill spot to party just yet. but i'm coming out tomorrow (saturday) to check your set out.

oh, and if you can, throw me some mixtapes! i'm about to dig deep into this blog and see what i can get, but if there are some gems not on this blog, throw them my way please! modi@DCtoBC.com.

i appreciate it, and i look forward to hearing you rock that crowd on saturday. i just gotta figure out how i'm gonna get out there.

- modi


boe said...

billy ocean?!! really?!!

KON said...

ha ha! i dont hate on billy, even if its only for one verse !

boe said...

theres some propa 80s in there mate... abracadabra steve miller is a tune though... still not sure about billy, maybe i need to hear it in the right light or sumthing?!!

Anonymous said...

Was reminiscin' bout Middlesex and E-Room and sent you an email but it bounced back. I googled you and came across the blog! Sounds like things are goin' good, mad props to you and Amir. Am based in NYC so I'll keep a lookout on when u're at APT. Take care.

DJ 7L said...

I fucks with some Billy Ocean....if u want more press in Boston Rags, DJ with ur shirt off and play chainsaw Electro Music...or have more of an 'ironic' playlist...or break both ur arms so u have to learn coordination all over again(even tho may take some time to even get fnction of them back again), and after 6 months u'll be the biggest DJ in Boston...

Skeme Richards said...

Yo, I need to get out there and check you out on one of those other nights. Last time I was there it was that collegy crowd!

Skeme Richards
Rock Steady Crew


boe said...

if it makes everyone happy i now love billy....or as you boston boys say i fucks with billy...hmmm...that would sound well dodgy in leeds though. peace an love