Tuesday, July 1, 2008


XlR8R hit us up, and wanted to do a video on us looking for records.
So we thought, why not? They even gave us a budget to buy the vinyl!
Check it 


Anonymous said...

Dope, enjoyed the show.

Unknown said...

some sexy nerds.

Anonymous said...

nice to see people talking about playing "records" at clubs, a dying breed, stay up, L

deakin said...

Hi Kon,
Rob here from Sydney. Just dropped by to say it was really great getting to know you. I have been really, really loving the tunes you gave me. Especially the Melton Bros with Alfie Moses- Living in the City... the keys are like rays on sunshine coming through the window. For stressed out lyrics the vibe is so happy!! I guess a little like - Once had a friend- sad and happy. stay in touch. You have my email address now. Good luck with the backing tracks... ps what is the afro track that pays over the interview? nice

Unity and the Down Beat- love dream on... Shweeet, thanks again