Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We (Amir) and myself have a new internet radio show that you can stream or download a 1 hour mix each month. So far we are on month 2. Last month we did them seperate and then i combined the 2. These are done LIVE...REAL mixing from REAL vinyl..with the occasional edit that doesnt exist on vinyl, in which case serato will be in effect. Hopefully we can start to get some guests as well as interviews....and those who know me know I like to talk shit and bug out. Shouts to the homie Chairman Mao as he also has a slot on this site as well.
Im off to nyc to spin this friday at case your reading and maybe in the area.
go here to peep too lazy to do the html coed so copy and paste.

Also..BBC radio 1 will be broadcasting mixes from Amir and Me on Aug 9th...again all LIVE in the mix all VINYL.
I grabbed some 45s and just let them look out for that.
Big shouts to London...been getting alot of love out that way.


PJ said...

all vinyl? didn't we have this conversation? hahaha....

KON said...

ha ha ! We did have that convo but you see Serato got the co sign As well.

Interlude Radio Show said...


what is this great piano tune?

Hope to see/hear you one day in Belgium!

respect as usual!


KON said...

the jam is the dub of soul on fire...12" from netherlands.

maria said...

can you give us the tracklisting of your 3rd radio show with spine magazine please?

KON said...

heres the tracklisting for the 3rd mix/ sept
* amirs calling in sick show
betty lou/ i cant stop
harry ray/ ride your pony girl
clear/ equal opportunity
walter wolfman washington/ good n juicy
rick webb & raw band/ dont make me wait
wizdom/ so in love
manzel/ midnight theme
leroy hutson/ lucky fellow
park place/ slow motion
atlantic star/ when love calls
archie bell/ never made love
slave/ steal your heart
sharon redd/ can you handle it * canadian mix
father goose
vance and suzzanne/ i cant get along without you
lace/ cant play around * edit

maria said...

Thank you very much for the answer, and.. of course, thanks for your sets ;-) I missed your show in Lausanne last year and I'm really sorry about it! Hope to see you around here soon!


Interlude Radio Show said...

is there a tracklisting for the bbc mix?